February 14, 2015

Useful Herbal Remedies for your Dog

We recommend that you find a Holistic Vet or a Herbalist that can explain to you the benefits of using herbs and how,  if not used correctly, they can have some very damaging side effects.

Herbs are a wonderful way to build your Dogs natural immune system, encouraging its own self healing ability, where as modern medicine, although very effective and immediate in its response, can have a very negative effect on the immune system.  Interestingly, most modern drugs were discovered and isolated from plants, purified and concentrated, and as a result act much quicker and have the potential for very serious side effects.

Using herbal medicine for your Dog as either an extract or tincture or in a dried form of the plant (in a lesser concentration) will likely give you the same desired effects as modern medicine, but without the potential side effects. Under the guidance of a professional Herbalist, your Dog will have a much safer treatment option.



Heart Worms:

Black Walnut is perhaps the most powerful and natural remedy for worms, especially Heart Worms. It should be noted though that it can cause complications if not given in the correct amounts by a professional as (it may cause diarrhoea and vomiting). There are several very effective herbal supplements that utilise Black Walnut, in lesser amounts and combine it with barberry, cascara, chaparral, cloves, garlic, berry, milk thistle, sage and slippery elm.


Red Clover has been used in several Cancer formulas because of its diuretic qualities as well as its blood cleansing and anti-neoplastic effects (if your Dog has any type of blood clotting dis-order it is not recommended as it contains very small amounts of Coumadin and small amounts of Salicylic Acid (the main ingredient in Aspirin). (it would have to be given in excess to have any adverse side effects however). Your Herbalist can advise.

Diabetes, Immune System Disorders, Immune Deficiency conditions:

Echinacea is very well known for its immune modulating qualities and is very effective in correcting these dis-orders. It helps to stimulate your Dogs immune system but is not recommended to give to your Dog for more than six to eight weeks because it is so powerful. (it is recommended to stop use for a period of time and then re-introduce it slowly. Most veterinarians will use this herb very early in treating these conditions because it is so effective.

Asthma and Respiratory Dis-orders:

Ephedra has a very long history and is one of the most commonly used herbs in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It is used for respiratory dis-orders in Dogs and most commonly used for Asthma. (it needs to be closely monitored by your Herbalist or Vet however as it can cause high blood pressure, if given in very high dosages).

Parasite infections, Microbial infections, Cancer:

Garlic, has been used for centuries and is still controversial. (not sure that it warrants this) It is extremely effective in treating these conditions, (however can cause Anaemia in Dogs if used in excess, and should not be used in an Anaemic Dog). Use controlled amounts of the herb as a guide – 1 clove of Garlic per 5 .5kgs of body weight added to their food.

Cognitive Dis-orders, Memory:

Ginkgo is well known for its use in treating Dogs with mild cognitive dis-orders, effective in improving memory and used in Working Dogs, Tracking and Military Dogs.

Liver Dis-orders: 

Milk Thistle can be used in treating all types of Liver Disease, though it is very powerful and should not be used for extended periods of time as it may depress some liver functions, your Herbalist will advise.


The most commonly used herb to treat fleas is Tea Tree Oil, used topically it is very effective at controlling itching as well. Use moderately in smaller breeds.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation:

You can’t go past Flax Seed, you can use whole or ground on their food


Raspberry is very effective in assisting pregnancies and is beneficial for mother and pups.

There are many other herbs that will benefit your Dog,  they have been used for thousands of years, nearly all new medicine has been derived from Nature. We encourage you to visit your Holistic Vet or Herbalist to try Herbal Medicine on your Dog.


















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