October 28, 2016

Heal your Dog with Acupressure!

Woof Mag takes you through the steps of the Ancient Art of Acupressure. Learn how to treat your Dog – Allan Moffat B.SC. B.ACUP – shows you how to use Acupressure as first aid for your dog and explains step by step the benefits to your beloved pooch.

Did you know that when ever you pat your dog you are using a technique called Tui Na from the Chinese? Tui Na consists of stroking gently, like patting, backwards and forwards, up to 100 times.

A variety of this is also knows as Shiatsu from the Japanese.

Acupressure is where light pressure is used in a way like turning on and off the light switch, all the time watching to see how your dog responds, noticing what they do and don’t like. These techniques can be used by you even when the dog is well, as for example a de stresser and it will make you feel better too.

Acupressure and Acupuncture as we know it today is based on a very old system of the Meridians and Points as shown in Woof Mag. Traditionally there are 12 Meridians and over 360 points.

It originated over 5000 years ago.

There are places your dog likes to be patted, stroked or scratched and all of these have beneficial internal and physical effects on their health and wellbeing.

When they are ill there are points you can use to help them whether its stomach pains or sore muscles or sore paws. This is something you can do at home as first aid though its always good to get a veterinary diagnosis first.

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