July 23, 2014

Woof Mag Blog

Baxter & Me… a documentary about living with dogs…Gillian Leahy

New Australian doco is a dog lover’s delight Do our dogs really love us? Are they our slaves or are we theirs? These are just some of the questions raised by award-winning filmmaker Gillian Leahy in her newest documentary, BAXTER AND ME. As searching and thought provoking as a dog’s soulful gaze, the film will[…]

Holistic Healing Workshop for Dogs – Dogknowledgy

Presented by Sue Bloom & Bromwyn Lakay Sue Bloom is an Animal Healer/Behaviouralist and the Animal Trainer on the Feature Film Babe. Bronwyn Lakay is a Chiropractor and Holistic Alternative Healer The first 5 to book have the opportunity to bring their dog!   $325 per Attendee Learn How to Play with Vibrational Healing Frequencies Logan[…]

There were 3 in the Bed… and the little dog said, roll over… roll over

Oh yes…its kinda cute but its also really annoying to have to share the bed with your dog! I don’t know about you but i really like having room to spread myself about! I know, I know, the dog doesn’t mind, but I do! There has to be a level of respect happening here, and,[…]

The Way of Nature in Healing – McDowells Herbal

  One of the most important understandings of Herbal Medicine is the observation of how healing cycles unfold, and our relationship to nutrition, life and stressors in general. Emotions play a huge role, influencing hormonal balance which in turn influences how well our immune system responds. Today we expect a straightforward healing outcome; however, often[…]