There were 3 in the Bed… and the little dog said, roll over… roll over

Oh yes…its kinda cute but its also really annoying to have to share the bed with your dog! I don’t know about you but i really like having room to spread myself about!

I know, I know, the dog doesn’t mind, but I do! There has to be a level of respect happening here, and, I am the Alpha in the picture and I need to set things straight.

So cuddles ok,  play ok, but when its time to “get off” its time to “get off”.  Probably best not to confuse your dog with sometimes its ok and sometimes its not kind of thinking – Better they know where they stand at home, rather than making a guessing game out of things or battle of wit. . Just like children, dogs need clearly defined rules to follow, But I will admit, there is nothing like a massive hug, paws wrapped around tightly and gallons of unconditional love exploding in an all embracing cuddle with your best mate….  on the rug in the lounge…. thats just me though, as long as you provide your dog with a comfy, bed of their own, and they know their place, everyone will get along just fine.

The choice is yours, but if you want your dog to know the boundaries and to respect you, they should know their place is at your side.. Not in your bed!

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